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I love plants and gardening, and this page is for sharing photos, tips, resources, etc. I am studying horticulture at TAFE and have worked a couple of garden maintenance jobs. I am very interested in therapeutic horticulture and would like to work in that field in the future. I have a bunch of plants in pots on my balcony and am also hopefully going to have a plot at the local community garden come spring.

Gardening Resources

Here are some cool gardening resources you might find useful. I am in Australia so most of these resources will likely be Australian-based.

My Favourite Plants

My favourite flower is Ixia viridiflora, also known as blue ixia, or African corn lily. They are usually expensive and hard to find and get around here, and I had been looking for them for ages when I happened to come across someone in my town who had a whole garden full of them and was selling the bulbs very affordably, so now I have my own container of them that springs back every year. This is a photo of mine from last flowering season, I can't wait for them to flower again this year.

Some of my other favourite flowers are correas, also known as native fuchsia. There are many varieties of correa and this is one of my favourites.

Another of my favourite plants is Stachys byzantina, commonly known as lamb's ear because of it's soft silvery foliage with leaves shaped like the aforementioned ears.

Photos from the Botanic Gardens

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