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Thank you for visiting my art page! My name is Felix and I'm an Australian artist and horticulture student. A few things about me are that I have autism, am studying visual arts and horticulture at TAFE, and my favourite genre of art to create is botanical art. Below are some examples of my botanical art.

Botanical Art

This is one of my recent (and favourite) pieces! It's a bogong moth, an iconic native Australian species that mass migrates through my local area. You can buy a print of it here.


Here are some of the places/exhibitions you can see my art in person (past, present, upcoming):



I'm hugely excited to be starting at a mentorship program for young neurodiverse artists in my local region called Studio&. It's an amazing opportunity to be a part of and I can't wait to see what it brings after going to the first session yesterday. I experimented with some mediums I hadn't used before, including Posca markers which I immediately loved. This drawing was originally done in Posca before being digitised for clarity.


This piece turned out stylistically quite different to my usual stuff but I really enjoyed the experimentation that went into it. It was originally drawn in charcoal in one of my classes for Cert IV Visual Arts and then edited for effect on my computer at home.


This is another piece from Studio&, where I did the initial line drawing in the studio and then edited it on my computer at home. There happened to also be a ram skull at Studio& this week, so I could continue on the theme of ram horns/angel wings.

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